HTML introduction

 What is HTML:

HTML stands for hyper text markup language.
The job of HTML is to label items like:{this is a chair.}{this is a website etc}.
Or is very good language to make a page.

What is HTML element:

HTML answers usually have starting tags and some have content and ending tags.


               Some HTML elements do not have any element, for example: like <br> and these elements are called empty elements and they do not have any tag at the end.
  •  To learn HTML just you need a text editor
We can also create web pages using HTML editor and modify them.
To learn HTML, just use a text editor like Notepad for computer and TextEdit for Mac.

Open note pad:

                                               Window8 or later(the window symbol at the bottom left on your screen)
                                               Windows 7 or earlier(open programs next open accessories>note pad)

 HTML basic examples:

                                                             In this chapter we will show you some examples of HTML:
                                           All HTML documents must begin with a document type such as:<DOCTYPE HTML>
A HTML document itself with <HTML> or ends with <HTML/>

HTML heading:

                           HTML headings are identified with <H1> and <H6> with <H1> being the most important and <H6> being the least important.
HTML headings are these titles or  subtitles that you want to displayon then web page
  1. Heading1
  2. Heading2

HTML paragraphs:

                                                   The HTML paragraph is recognized by the <p> tag: Example: chair </p>

HTML links:

      HTML links are recognized by the tag of <a> :-Example: ''> yahan </a> is link.

HTML images:

         The <img> tag used to identify an HTML image is: example <img src='anceincode.jpg''''

HTML elements:

                          HTML elements are identified by the content of the first few lines and the end tag.
HTML Elements is everything from start to finish.
The HTML <p> defines  paparagraph. a paragraph always starts on a new line and browsers automatically add some white space(a margin) includes.

Empty HTML elements:

                      The HTML elements which do not have any content are called empty elements. The br tag represents a line break and or is an empty element; the bar tag is a closing tag.

HTML element refrence: 

                                          HTML elements have mother attributes or extension values ​​that give order to the elements or adjust themselves according to the user.

HTML style:

                    The HTML  style attribute is used to style and include elements such as font color and more.

HTML style attribute:

                                      We can style HTML through style attribute.

HTML text formatting elements:

                                                       Formatting  elements are designed to display special  types of text:
               <b>- Bold text.
               <strong>Important text.

HTML comment tag:

                                  you can add comments to your HTML source by usimg the following syntax:-<!write your comments here-->
Note:Comments are not displayed by the browser but they can help document your HTML source.

Add comments:

                          You can remember your HTML code via comments and notifications and reminders.

Hide inline content:

                                By using comments are already specified with predefined colour names,or with RGB,HEX,HSL,RGBA OR HSA values.

HTML colours:

                         In HTML a colours can be defined by using a color name.

Back ground colour:

                                 We can set the background colour for elements.

Text colour:

                     You can also set the colour of text in HTML:-hello

 RGB colour values:

                                 In HTML,a colour can be specified as an RGB value,using this formula:

HEX colour values:

                                  A colour can ba specified in HTML by using ahexademical value in the form:#rrggbb.

HSL colours values:

                               A colour can be specified in HTML by using hue,saturation and lightness(HSL) in the form:


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